Game Design: brainstorming

Things I'm trying to figure out:

  • Will this be a solo journaling game or a more traditional TTRPG?

The very first time this idea came to me (a long time ago), the plan was to use Lasers & Feelings as the base mechanics to make a game based on the Supernatural TV show. Over time, I started to also want to include the Witcher, and, more recently, I started to consider including Ghostbusters as well, even though I barely know anything about that franchise.

The premise of the game will be that you are part of some sort of organization that protects people from monsters. Whether common folk know/believe such monsters exists, whether they know about the existence of your organization and how its members are treated, might end up being randomly rolled on a table (or, if you know how my games work, you might also just choose the combinations you want). The thing here is that your job is to be more than just a monster hunter - you're supposed to actually learn about these monsters first. Are there any "known facts" about the monster? If so, it's up to you to test if such facts are actually true or just myths (this is something I had planned for the Protectors to do in Adiotopia, but I never got to elaborate on that because there's only so much info you can fit into a 2-pager).

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