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Disclaimer: If you're an RPGenesis participant as well (from any edition), you can have any of my RPGenesis entries for free!
Just PM me on Discord and I'll send the PDF your way. 😉

ADIOTOPIA is a fiction-first TTRPG about collaboratively telling the stories of a group of young Protectors in training, who travel the world with their mentor in order to help the locals (both Saubi and Fae) with their everyday problems, enforcing the law, mitigating conflicts, protecting people and potentially solving mysteries along the way.

The premise of the game is that the world is full of creatures and mysteries worth investigating and that, while some of them might have a simple and rather ordinary explanation, others might not be what they seem at first, and be somehow connected with the multitude of mystical creatures that inhabit the land.

Probability of rolling exactly your Number, according to AnyDice.
- 1d6: 16,67%
- 2d6: 30,56% in one die; 2,78% in both dice
- 3d6: 42,13% in one die; 7,41% in two dice; 0,46% in all three dice

Lasers & Feelings version

The Lasers & Feelings version of ADIOTOPIA was created as a self-challenge entry for the RPGenesis 2020 Jam. This was intended to not only be a hack of the original game but also to expand on it with some additional content. It was also meant to serve as a teaser of the full ADIOTOPIA RPG.

Special Thanks: John Harper (for creating Lasers & Feelings and allowing people to hack it); icons8 (for the icons); CarolinaDimitriFrancisco, Joaquim, and Mariano (proofreaders of the L&F version)


The extended version of ADIOTOPIA RPG is still in development, and there is no estimated publish date yet. Knowing myself, this could take a few years (I tend to work on multiple projects at the same time and end up finishing none lol). Unlike the L&F version, I'm not sure yet if this one will be free or not.

Special ThanksUnsplash (for the cover image); LeviKornelsen (for the Conditions/Bonuses table); icons8 (for the icons)


Buy Now1.00€ EUR or more

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Belo trabalho, Minakie! Ansioso por ir à descoberta de uma givaca!

Very good work! A wonderful fantasy setting!


Notícia de última hora: confirmada a existência de givacas em Fäerie.