A downloadable micro journaling TTRPG

Disclaimer: This game is still a Work In Progress, which means anything here (artwork, execution, type of game, number of players, etc.) is subject to change. There is no estimated release date.


Hello From The Other Side is a micro solo journaling TTRPG about slowly but surely becoming aware that, unbeknownst to you, you have been sharing your whole life (your memories, your dreams, your mind, and your body) with other people. It's a game about finding out you have a dissociative disorder (DID or OSDD) and learning how to get in touch with the other alters.

It can be played solo or collaboratively as a group. If it's played as a group, one of the players will play as the host and each of the other players will play as one of the other alters. If you have a lot of alters and not enough players, each player can play as more than one alter

It may or may not end up being a hack of Here & Far.




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Special Thanks

A VERY special thanks to the DID community for supporting me and cheering me on on Discord. As eager as I was to write about this topic, I was also absolutely te-rri-fied to do it. I will make sure to have actual systems be proof/sensitive readers before this ever sees the light of day.

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