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In the Darkness is a system-neutral one-page isekai adventure (for 3+ players) for role-playing games (RPGs), based on the classic “three-act scenario” model and designed to allow some versatility, depending on how much the Game Master (GM) wants to simplify it. If they wish to use only the most basic content available here, this adventure may last only for either a short one-shot or a couple of sessions mini-adventure, at most. If they wish to make use of the extra tips and options (and, perhaps, even complement them with extra content of their own), this can easily turn into a small campaign.

The Player Characters (who are just ordinary people) are in the subway, on their way to another absolutely banal day, until a series of surreal events trigger a fantastic adventure that leads them to an enigmatic forest populated by fairies and other bizarre creatures (such as flea-dogs). The goal is for them to find a way back into their own reality. In order to do that, they will require a key to unlock a magical gate. There are multiple keys, which means there are multiple ways the characters could get their hands on one. If they fail to get one of the keys, they can instead try to get one of the others.

The name of the adventure is purposely ambiguous, so as to leave the adventure theme a mystery, as there are certain elements of the adventure that should only be known to the Game Master, in order to surprise the players.

In the Darkness also has 40 dialogue cards to help any player whose character dies during the game and becomes a ghost. That way, if they don't know what to say and how to stay relevant to the adventure now that they're dead, they can always draw inspiration from the cards. Ghosts can either try to help or hinder the characters who are still alive.

Format: digital (printer friendly)
Type: adventures & settings
System: system agnostic

Page count: 2, A4, landscape
Features: 40 ghost dialogue cards; includes Portuguese (PT-PT) translation
Publishing date: October 2021

In the Darkness was inspired by the Workshop "Creating a scenario in 3 acts" (presented by Francisco Duarte during the event Rolisboa 2019) and developed in collaboration with Cristina Lopes, David Neves, and Susana Mourão.




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Get this 3 acts adventure and 27 more for $10.00 USD
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Parabéns, ficou bem interessante.

Já estou a pensar como o posso usar por exemplo num próximo encontro de RPG de Santarém: ou o usar com Cidade Obscura (tem regras para fantasmas) ou fazer uma versão do Na Floresta (o que era engraçado, no minimo) mas para algo mais fantasia e horror.