Right now, I have an ongoing  Fundraising up until 2034 and I would like to address that. The text on the Fundraising reads:

"I'm trying to save enough money to be able to move out and get away from my abusive family without having to worry about finding myself in a financial crisis down the line and having to move back in with them.

I went to the bank to run some simulations and the most optimistic prediction (assuming the economy doesn't get even worse or that I don't lose my job until then) is that I won't be able to move out before 2042!

20 more years!? That's a long time to keep being a prisoner in my own bedroom as I try to escape contact with the rest of the family as much as possible, as well as struggling to pretend that "everything is fine" at work because, no matter how many times I try to explain to my boss and co-workers that I suffer from C-PTSD, people just don't get it and sometimes end up making things worse.

[Sep. 2022 update: As it turns out, the bank will no longer give you a loan to buy a house after you're a certain age. This means that I only have until 2029 to save as much as I can. I am now officially panicking.]

If you already own my games and still want to support me, you can do so on Ko-Fi or Paypal.  If you're not in a financial position to be able to purchase this bundle or any of my games yourself, please consider at least helping spread the word because every single penny counts. Thank you."

Just to be completely transparent, the reason why I started this fundraising is that I am trying to save up enough money to buy a house in full, without having to ask the bank for a mortgage. The reason for this is I went to the bank in 2021 to run some simulations and I don't make enough money from my salary to be able to pay for either rental to a landlord or a loan to the bank because, after paying for the rent/loan and all the utilities, I wouldn't have enough money left to pay for food, medicine and other expenses (such as money to buy new shoes/clothes to replace the ragged ones or money to repair/replace any appliances that broke down). Only if the costs for rent/mortgage are removed from the equation am I able to fully afford the rest of the expenses on my own. That's why I'm trying to save up money to buy a house up-front.

I have looked into other options but, even though I don't make enough money to move out on my own, because I do earn more than our minimum wage, I am also not considered "poor enough" by the state to be eligible for 'solidarity rents'. Several people have suggested sharing a house with a roommate and maybe that would've been an option at some point in the past but, given the progressive escalation that my C-PTSD triggers have had these past few months, I no longer feel comfortable sharing a house with other people. If I am not able to live alone in a place of my own, I will never feel safe. And, right now, what I need to feel that security is to know that, at least while I'm at home, there is no one around who can get me triggered, even if just accidentally. It's bad enough I keep having to avoid people as much as possible while I'm at work, that is not something I want to also have to worry about within my own home.

That being said, I am not relying on the TTRPG community to buy me a house. Right now, I am barely making any money from Before I joined some community bundles, I was making less than $10/year on the platform. So I am aware that this Fundraiser will not be a magical solution, and that I will need to keep forcing myself to create new content, keep joining more community bundles, to maybe advertising my stuff on social media. As I mentioned, I do currently have a job and I am actively saving up money to support this endeavor on my own. The reason why I decided to even start this fundraiser is that, on my own, I won't be able to save that much money until 2042 2029 (and, right now, the idea of having to live another decade of my life under the same roof as my abusive family is pushing my limits) and, if other people help me raise at least a portion of that money, I might be able to reduce that amount of time by a year or two, maybe more. And each less year that I can reduce will be a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. If the number of years needed for me to be able to move out does start to decrease, I will be updating the max date of the sales accordingly to reflect that.


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Hi there, what info do you have that you cannot get a mortgage after a certain age? In the US it is illegal to discriminate based on age. 

Your situation sounds complex and hard. I wish you the best of luck.