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If you follow me on Twitter, you know that 2022 has been a very abnormal year for me. Even though I can typically only force myself to publish one new game per year due to my struggles with mental illness, I was somehow able to publish 4 new games in a row. After that, I created a new WIP Collection with a whopping amount of 15 WIP games. Fifteen! However, I had reached the peak of my mental health and it quickly went downhill from there; my mental illness took a steep nosedive for the worse and I suddenly found myself yet again unable to work on any of my games because I had suddenly lost the ability to write.

While desperately trying to brainstorm other possible sources of income besides the fundraiser, I turned to Hero Forge as a coping mechanism. Over the weekend, I literally spent over 12h a day in it and, even though I was still utterly disappointed in myself for still not being able to create anything new for my TTRPG, I was also relieved I was still capable of at least creating something. Then, someone saw the minis I was sharing on Discord and suggested something: taking commissions. And thus, this idea was born.


  1. You can see my full mini collection here, to get an idea of what type of minis I make. They cost €1  per model (which means a mini with 2 models will cost €2). Rides (horse/dire wolf/motorcycle) cost an additional €1*; barrels, chairs, and wheelchairs (though considered by Hero Forge as a "ride" as well) have no additional cost. Decorative base props also have no additional cost. The pricing includes 3 static images and 1 animated .GIF file.
  2. If you want the .STL file to print it at home or at a 3D printing store, you'll also have to pay for the cost charged by Hero Forge ($7.99 for minis with 1 model and $15.98 for minis with 2 models**). Files with rides are the same as a single model mini, with no additional cost.
  3. Payment should be made via Paypal. Minis are to be pre-paid. You can pay for the .STL file after you already have the mini, so that you don't have to decide whether or not you want to go ahead with the 3D printing before seeing the final result.

* Hero Forge doesn't allow you (for the time being) to have both 2 characters and a ride on the same mini so you can either add a ride or an extra character, not both.

** Bear in mind that Hero Forge charges the cost of 2 models ($15.98) for some of the more advanced minis (like this one) and I will charge you whatever it's charging me.


In case you're wondering, I don't really think anyone will be interested in this but I am still very much desperate for money so I owned it to myself to at least try so that I could sleep at night. I have enough problems with insomnia as it is.

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