Version History (RPGenesis guide)

Welcome to the Unnoficial RPGenesis Guide changelog. Each time a new version of this guide is uploaded, you can check here which changes were made. Now that there is a PDF with just the resources, I don't think any further updates will be done. This guide is already insane.

version 1.0: the initial version

version 1.1: fixed some typos (namely, in the codes of the Tags to be used on

version 1.2: added some things I forgot to write in version 1.0 (such as more tips on how to increase the word count) because my brain only remembers things when I'm trying to fall asleep

version 1.3: added a disclaimer regarding RPGenesis anti-discrimination policy; realized I had forgotten to explain what the heck a hack is, so I did that as well; added a warning regarding using free fonts for commercial use; added a small list of useful resources at the end; updated the index; added some more images because, in all honesty, just the "black text on white page" format was just too bland. The titles font was also being weird on the previous PDFs; not sure why, but it's normal on this version /shrug

version 1.4: added touchstones as another tip on how to improve your word count; added some more information regarding the more technical part of how works (e.g.: how to make sure your game appears in the search, how to get paid, etc.)

version 1.5: added a section with tips on how to write faster as well as links for related resources (not sure how this turned out to be 2 extra pages of content)

- version 1.5.1: added my logo to the cover page; added more useful links; fixed some layout issues

- version 1.5.2: corrected links that were redirecting to the wrong page (copy-paste is unforgiving); added more useful links; removed the name from the front page logo; added a printer-friendly version

- version 1.6: added more resources for learning how to type faster; added references to useful systems/engines you can use as the bones for your TTRPG; added more useful links

- version 1.6.1: added a reference to another TTRPG challenge people might be interested in; added some random generators to generate ideas for your games; added references to useful systems/engines you can use as the bones for your TTRPG; added a link to the TTRPG Creator Resources Database

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