Devlog: TTRPG Resources

Given how often this document keeps being updated with new stuff, I'd cry if anyone was actually trying to print it.

- v1.7: There's not much to say here because each version of the TTRPG resources is just new links but just so note down that, since version 1.7 is now big enough to have 4 pages (wow!), I decided to include an index on the first page for those who use it only as a PDF.

- v1.8: And we reached 5 pages - HOW did this happen!?  I added all of Diogo's "So You Wanna Create TTRPG?" threads to the Game Design section. Added a couple more links to the Graphic Design Tools section. Added extra links to the Map/Dungeon making section, the Keeping Your Notes Organized section, the Map/Dungeon Making section, the Random Generators section, the Safety Tools Section, and the Other Resources section. Added a few more OGL/SDR to the list and removed one that had been suggested but wasn't either an OGL/SDR nor a hackable game after all.  Added a Game Design - Playtesting section, a Dice Rollers section, and a Token Generators section as a subsection of Online Play.

- v1.9: Added some more of the "So You Wanna Create TTRPG?" threads to the Game Design section. Added another indie SRD to the list. Added a PbtA template. Updated the Game Design, OGL/SRD, Templates, and Other Resources sections.


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Aug 01, 2022

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