Game design: Yep, still stuck on the mechanics...

If you're not aware by now, the Lasers & Feelings version of ADIOTOPIA RPG that I published back in August for the RPGenesis challenge was meant to be just a teaser of the full system that I intended to have ready for publishing (at least in the form of a first draft), one year later, for the RPGenesis challenge of next year. This means that, by now, I should have made some sort of progress, right? Right. But have I actually made any progress so far? Well, yes... and no.

On the upside, so far I managed to write 9012 words. On the downside, that's pretty much about 15 pages of rambling. A whole lot of nothing. I don't yet seem to have either a solid setting or a solid rules system written down, all I have is several scattered pieces that don't even seem to be from the same puzzle. I have plenty of ideas regarding the setting but, when it comes time to actually write it down, my mind just goes blank - it's as if my brain is refusing to cooperate.

But, regarding the rules, I have a completely different issue. I keep trying to simplify and have as little rules as possible (I really like minimalist and one-page systems) while simultaneously trying to add extra rules (like different types of roles, stress, luck, etc) and random tables. While I'm already more or less set on some aspects of the mechanics, others I'm completely clueless about. Like, do I need Skills in this system? Some times I feel like I do, but then I remember this video and all the TTRPGs out there who also have no skills system. I'm really not sure anymore at this point if I should still try to  make some sort of Forged in the Dark as I originally intended (I love Blades' rules system and, even though it has a few mechanics that I don't necessarily need, it also has several others that fit exactly what I'm looking for) or if I should start looking at alternative minimalistic systems like Tiny D6 instead, simply to break out of this analysis paralysis. 

Being pretty much burned out from work doesn't help, I'm sure, but I've definitely been going in circles these past few months and I feel really lost. At this point and I'm starting to wonder if this is realistically a project I'll ever manage to complete.

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