L&F licence update - a turning point for ADIOTOPIA RPG?

For those who don't know, John Harper recently updated Lasers & Feelings licence to fall under Creative Commons Attribution, which means that anyone with a published L&F hack is now able to sell it instead of forever keeping it free.

I'm not really sure of whether or not this will be a turning point for ADIOTOPIA or not because, in all honesty, I think that by changing it from a 2-stats system into a 3-stats system, changing the way the roles work, and adding a bunch of other rules (some of which I might set as optional) on top of it, the current version of Adiotopia is already so different from the original that I wouldn't really call it a L&F hack anymore at this point - and it's still a long way before being ready for publishing.

And yet, there was still a voice in the back of my mind wondering "if I want to credit AW, BitD, and L&F as my inspiration sources, will I get in trouble for putting L&F there?". As I said, I don't think ADIOTOPIA remotely resembles L&F at this point but, what can I say? My social anxiety can make me really paranoid about some things sometimes.

In any case, it is still a change in the universe nonetheless, and it might be the push I needed to go back to working on ADIOTOPIA a bit more. and getting it just a bit closer to completion.

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