Version 1.3 of ADIOTOPIA (L&F version) is out. Changelog:

  • Layout Changes (to make it look a bit more like the original Lasers & Feelings):
    • Finally figured out how to have a 2-column box area on a 3+ column document (yay!)
    • Removed the cover page (now rendered obsolete) and moved the cover image to the first-page corner
    • Improved the graphic elements of the numbers, to be more visually interesting to look at and have more emphasis on the page
  • Mechanical Changes:
    • Someone pointed out to me that the 4th power of Insight (Claircognizance) pretty much made it pointless to choose any of the other 3, rendering them obsolete. Since I couldn't think of a way to rewrite it in a way that would make it "less OP", it was removed
    • A few people found some of the Complications/Bonuses confusing so the number has been lowered from a max of 12 to a max of 6 (this had already been done on the unpublished version of ADIOTOPIA RPG as well), which allowed for the font size of the tables to be increased, in order to make the text more legible
    • The "Running the Game" section felt incomplete (maybe I forgot?). It is now finished.
  • ADIOTOPIA RPG and L&F version coherence:
    • The entire lore/terminology regarding the academy students is being rewritten for the (so far unpublished) full version of ADIOTOPIA RPG. As such, the information regarding the Keepers/Overseers/Warden was removed from this version of L&F
    • Replaced the term "Keepers" with "Protectors" (where still applicable)


ADIOTOPIA - Lasers & Feelings version 866 kB
Apr 18, 2021

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