Changelog: original HAT versions

After attempting to print HAT to show to my family and take to an RPG convention where RPGenesis games would be debated over... I found myself swimming in A4 paper sheets.


  • v2 changes the huge majority of the documents to an A5 format, allowing you to print 2 pages per sheet (preferably, two-sided), thus being more environmentally friendly. The only files that are still available in both A5 and A4 are the Character Sheets, Premade Characters, and the recently added List of Talents. If you preferred the old A4 versions of the remaining documents I apologize, as I will no longer be doing updates to v1.
  • The huge watermarks in the center were also resized to help your toner save some ink.
  • Before the cover, there is now a small summary of each handbook that, after the files have been printed, acts as a back-cover when you fold the pages in half.


  • I finally put my name on this thing. You'd reckon one would not forget to sign their work. You'd be wrong, apparently.
  • The layout has been updated yet again. It now has a 4-columns-per-page format, thus preventing you from having to do any further page adjustments when trying to print the game.
  • A Sample Adventure was added to the GM Resources. It was meant to be a complete premade adventure when I started working on it, but then the inspiration went away.
  • There is now a file with a compilation of the Game Manual and GM Resources if you wish to print them both. All you need now is Honor Among Thieves for the GM and the Character Sheets for the players (blank or with premade characters).


  • The watermark was slightly resized to be smaller, and thus, more printer-friendly
  • Some spelling mistakes have been corrected (thanks Grammarly!)
  • 18 new missions were added, including some with darker themes
  • A brief explanation of the "Food Variety" to use was added to the Thieving Butchery sample adventure

Each time a new version of HAT is out, the previous versions will no longer be updated, so I'll keep all the files for the previous versions here as well, in case anyone wants them.


Oct 26, 2019
Oct 26, 2019
Oct 26, 2019
Nov 02, 2019

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