Ideas and Suggestions

We have a changelog for the past versions of HAT so I decided to create a place to track some of the creative/design progress as well.

- Come up with an idea for a 5,000 word pen and paper TTRPG game for the RPGenesis 2019 Jam challenge

- Create a game based on Sly 2: Honor Among Thieves

- Come up with a Rules System > mix-and-match ("hack") different rules from other games

- Include optional Rules that encourage RP (encumbrance and training to gain levels)

- Add lists for randomization

- Add a list of missions

- Add a Character Sheet

- Add some premade Player Characters that can be used for one-shots

- Expand the Talents to be more friendly to other Settings (fantasy, sci-fi, and nautical)

- Add some premade NPCs

- Add an adventure where all the Criminals are actually sausages (suggested by João Patrício)

- Expand on the list of missions, to include some darker themes

- Add a Scambaiter premade PC / NPC [planned,  not yet implemented]


Oct 26, 2019

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