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Minakie's HAT

Minakie's Honest Autonomous Thoughts about the TTRPG hobby · By Minakie


Recent updates

Current status: on a hiatus
2022 was my best year yet. I published 4 (and a half) new games in a row and, for the first time in forever, I actually felt proud of my accomplishments and all...
Taking Commissions - Hero Forge minis
If you follow me on Twitter , you know that 2022 has been a very abnormal year for me. Even though I can typically only force myself to publish one new game per...
Release Calendar
2019 - 10/08/2019: Honor Among Thieves [micro TTRPG] - 03/10/2019: In The Darkness [system agostic 3-acts adventure] 2020 - 13/08/2020: Adiotopia [micro TTRPG]...
Right now, I have an ongoing Fundraising up until 2034 and I would like to address that. The text on the Fundraising reads: " I'm trying to save enough money to...
TTRPG I'm most familiar with
The engines and SRD I typically draw inspiration from for my hacks are: Lasers & Feelings , Push SRD , Schema , and Second Guess . Other games/systems I'm more...

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