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Disclaimer: If you're a fellow RPGenesis participant (from any edition) and you want a copy of the game for free, send me a message on Discord and I'll send the PDF your way. This game will stop being free in September of 2021 so this message is here as a placeholder, in preparation for that.

This game (v1.3) is still a WIP and currently under revision/remake. Download and test at your own risk. >:)

Born of my neverending love for the Sly Cooper franchise, Honor Among Thieves is a pen and paper Tabletop Role-Playing Game about the thievish activities of a group of criminals, trying to get by in any way possible (often breaking the law in doing so).  Exactly what that means and how it plays out, will differ from game to game, as it is meant for the Game Master and players to decide.

HAT is meant to be a versatile game, with make-your-own classes and where the setting and races are entirely up to the players. Its quick Character Creation process makes it suitable for short-medium campaigns and one-shot sessions alike.

Although it provides some guidelines, HAT is also meant to be a build-your-own game, allowing the Game Master to come up with their own Races, Talents and Optional Rules (such as the inclusion of magic or high-tech) in order to fit any setting they wish to run HAT on, from nitty gritty realism to fantasy or sci-fi.

Honor Among Thieves v1 was created as a self-challenge entry for the RPGenesis 2019 Jam, and has been improved and expanded since.

Zipped folder contains:

  • HAT - Character Sheet.docx
  • HAT - Character Sheet.pdf
  • HAT - Game Manual.pdf
  • HAT - GM Resources.pdf
  • HAT - List of Talents (A4).pdf
  • HAT - Premade Playable Characters.pdf
  • Honor Among Thieves*

* Honor Among Thieves is basically the Game Manual + GM Resources combined in case you want to print them in a row, without having to waste ink printing the cover page twice


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